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Moamen Maher is an Egyptian bodybuilder and athlete, born in 1990. He was born in Alexandria. He participated in a large number of local and international championships, and won many championships and international centers, the most important of which is the Mr. Olympia Amateur Championship in Japan in 2019

therefore he is considered one of the famous and influential athletes In the field of bodybuilding in Egypt and the Arab world, it is very popular among the young generation.

Most important tournaments:

First Mr Olympia Japan 2019
2nd Place center of the world experiments for Physic 2016
2nd Place in Al Ain International Championship 2017
3rd Place Dubai Muscle Show Championship 2018

Moamen graduated from the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University, the English Department, and after his graduation worked as an employee for several years in the clothing industry, until he decided to resign from the routine job. Moamen Maher started his sports career in 2007 at the age of seventeen and started the path to professional bodybuilding in 2015.
His first participation was in the Musclemania Championship in Cairo, and he ranked among the top ten at the age of 25, and then started on the road to championships. A year later, he participated in the World Test Championship for the Physics category qualifying for a championship in Hungary and won the silver medal.
The owner of one of the largest sports YouTube channels in Egypt and the Arab world, and a regular guest on television programs such as Al-Hayat channel and Sky News Arabia channels.

Moamen Maher is one of the famous trainers and has a sports training program that achieves advanced sales in Egypt, the Arab world and Europe. He supervised the training of nearly 4,000 people around the world. He is also the owner of one of the sportswear brands in Egypt, MoFit.
Moamen seeks to obtain a professional card that qualifies him to participate in the Mr. Olympia Las Vegas in the United States.

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